Be Different, Stand Out!

Be Different, Stand Out!

Direct marketing will always be the best way to deliver a specific message to a targeted group of people.  This will NEVER change no matter what the internet marketers say.  Now that we have cleared up any question on the power of direct marketing lets discuss why it is so important to standout online and in the mailbox.

With so many marketing messages being shot at us each day it is a wonder how we are able to get anything done. Part of this issue we have caused in trying to promote our businesses and stay competitive.  This is why your direct marketing must be different and push the envelope. With direct mail, use a lumpy mailer instead of postcard, with email or other online outlets, be creative, and include video and contests.

Lee Weiner is known for being outrageous with the types of direct marketing pieces he sends out.  You won’t find many marketers that mail 50 caliber bullets to people.  There is no way your message will passed over when the recipient receives a very large bullet in the mail.  The more outrageous the marketing, the higher likelihood your message will be read.  If your message is not read there will be no ROI from your direct marketing and you will have wasted your money.

Wanted Poster

Even if you think a marketing effort is too outrageous it is not about you.  The goal of direct marketing is to sell more and by being outrageous you will sell more.  Getting out of your own way is sometimes the hardest task to creating successful direct marketing.  Do your best to put yourself in your prospects shoes.  Never be afraid of being different, unique, edgy and possible even a little offensive.

Lee Weiner is always creating new & unique direct marketing tools so be sure to stay in contact for the latest project updates.  Lee is always available to help!

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