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Member -vs- Non-Member – Don’t Alienate Anyone!

Entrepreneurship is simply in my blood. “Be fair, honest and treat every customer equally. By doing so you’ll not only reap the benefits of success; you’ll create a lasting business, great relationships, and financial freedom.” While this is a marketing lesson that many think is common sense, very few adhere to this discipline.

Alienation of non-members will decrease sales and greatly impact the overall success of your business.

We all know that consumers grasp the general benefit of the cannabis membership model; “commit your plant count to a dispensary of your choosing, and receive ‘exclusive deals’.” I advise my clients to create exclusivity because it drives loyalty and repeat business. You will read more about this in my future column, “Making an offer they can’t refuse”.

While exclusivity is one thing, when a potential new customer walks into a dispensary and are told, “that certain products are only available to members”, this hits at the heart of how you value their business. Those who are members are given a higher value due to their commitment, but those customers who choose not to become members are being told they don’t matter as much. It’s not that you shouldn’t build exclusivity it’s that you simply can’t lose loyalty from non-members.

As a marketing advisor, I know the difficulty to obtain and keep customers. There is so much effort, money and time involved in customer acquisition that it boggles my mind when a shop would blatantly tell customers they are not important. The small discounts offered for becoming a member are on the verge of becoming meaningless. New and improved programs must be created so that all customers feel valued and will continue to open their wallets.

The goal is to create long term, repeat, loyal customers who will promote your business via word-of-mouth advertising. Creating a clear divide between those who are members and those who shop regularly will clearly drive away more business than it brings in.

How can this be dealt with? Don’t alienate any customer because they choose not to be a member. Make “Member Only” products available to non-members at a higher price point. You will have customers who will pay more simply because they want these exclusive products. The perceived value and access to member only products will drive more profit to your bottom-line.
Have a plan to embrace everyone who walks through the door and generate loyal, repeat customers who want to spend their hard earned money at your dispensary.

Have you considered creating additional membership programs for non-members? Multi-tiered membership programs create added value and improve customer data.

For more information on developing a multi-tiered membership program for your business, contact me at any time. Lee | 813.494.8063 |

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