This can not be emphasized enough. Too often I read or see ads that, sadly, someone paid a lot of money to produce, and sound ‘ad-like,’ but make no sense at all. Sometimes clarity is sacrificed in the name of supposed creativity. This should not have to be a choice. Being clear means being truthful, authentic, accurate and understood. Settle for nothing less.


Great copy articulates a thought or sells a product with a unique point of view. One that will resonate with its audience. Creative copy can be funny, clever, conceptually unique, but most importantly, it makes the audience take action.


Your reader today has the shortest attention of all time. Keep your copy focused, to the point and intriguing to the reader.


If your copy isn’t proving a point — “My product is unique because…,” “This will make your life better by…” — then fire your writer. Your words should drive action… a phone call, an email, a purchase! Which brings me to my next point…

The Power of Great Copy!

The impact of the written word is so powerful when crafted correctly. Without the proper research and understanding of how words effect the reader, they are just words on paper.  Effective copy seems effortless but when you pull back the curtain you will see insight, intention, strategic revisions and decisions that allow for the effortless flow for the reader.

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Now is the time to have your current copy analyzed and strategically build new copy that generates revenue for your business.