It All Starts Here! Direct Marketing Strategy

Strategy – “a plan of action designed to achieve a major overall aim.”

Without a plan of action for any piece of your business you are flying blind and hoping for the best. Since marketing is a never ending game of trial and error, it is imperative to have a plan of attack so you can quantify the efforts and make informed decisions about how to move forward.

We call our strategy program Direct Marketing Simplified. You are an expert within your business and industry and no one can take that away from you. Direct marketing is a science and unless you have years to dedicate to mastering direct marketing, it will always be the monkey on your back.

Our proven program simplifies your direct marketing plan so you can spend your most valuable asset, TIME, doing what you do best. Direct Marketing Simplified will take into account what has worked in the past for you and improve on it. You will wind up with a comprehensive direct marketing plan including but not limited to Prospecting, Retention & Reactivation that will map out the entire multi-channel process and marketing automation needed to succeed in the new business environment.

When we provide you with a Direct Marketing Simplified plan you can then choose to implement it yourself or have our trusted partners implement it for you.

So, what do you get from Direct Marketing Simplified?

Direct Marketing Simplified includes:

  • Offline strategies (direct mail, collateral materials, advertising, trade show planning and more)
  • Online strategies (email, website, social media and more)
  • Multi-channel strategies (combination of offline & online plans to drive engagement & results)
  • Content strategies
  • Automation strategies
  • Roll out strategy (how and when to implement each piece)
  • Ongoing management strategies (how to analyze and make informed decisions to keep improving the overall strategy)

We GUARANTEE you will have an effective strategy that will produce increased results from where you are today or we will refund your money 110%!