Membership Programs



Develop membership programs that include everyone. Make the program enticing so there is no way a customer wouldn't sign-up.


Ensure every customer has the opportunity to become a member by sharing the benefits of your membership programs.


This is the most important step that will set up your future successful marketing. Collect the most revelant data for your customer base because this will drive your annual, average customer sale up by as much as 100%.


Using your cross promotion direct marketing strategy, you now have the data needed to achieve success!

Embrace Everyone Who Walks Through Your Door And Have A Plan To Generate Loyal, Repeat Customers.

A big issue with dispensary's is alienating customers because they are not members.  In many cases, the most desired products produced by a specific dispensary are not available to every customer.  This hits to the heart of how you value your customers. Those who are members are given a higher value due to their commitment but those customers who choose not to become members, are being told they don’t matter as much.

The goal is to create long term, repeat, loyal customers who will promote your business via word of mouth advertising.  Creating a clear divide between those who are members and those who shop regularly will clearly drive away more business than it brings in.