Provide creative and analytical input based on customer insight that centers on the core of services and or products offered. Evaluate existing brand and determine the marketing message that best identifies with consumer behavior. Create a strategy that will deliver results.


Embrace innovation. Discover new avenues by immersing oneself in research and planning. Compile team creative insight, before the brush touches the canvas. Map out a blueprint that will elucidate and expand upon the desired results.


Allow the creative essence of research and development to bleed onto the canvas. Remain fluid, disciplined, simplistic and clear. Guide shadows and light with an aesthetic sense. Leave them in complete and utter awe.


Leave a lasting impression. Create new customer incentives through landing pages, social media and follow-up marketing campaigns. Compile the results of your efforts, what gets measured, gets improved.

Visually Engage Your Audience

Image is everything and while we all have been taught to never judge a book by its cover, we all do. This is at the core of why the image of your business and its marketing collateral must strike a chord with the viewer.  You can have the greatest message and offer but if the reader isn’t grabbed by the look and feel of the piece, you have lost them.

Over our many years of trial and error we have figured out the formula to creating compelling designs that ensure your message and offer are seen, read and even heard in some cases. There is a HUGE difference between graphic design and graphic art.  Without a graphic artist developing your image, you are already a step behind.

Let our graphic arts team show you the difference between what you have today and what you can have tomorrow by joining forces with 7 Leaf Marketing.  Click Here to setup your FREE Design Audit