Visual images are constantly competing for our attention, entertaining us, or trying to persuade us in some way.

Quality graphic design is the great differentiator in marketing. It can make your direct marketing stand out from the deluge of competitive material your customers receive every day.

Let 7 Leaf Marketing GUARANTEE your advertising will stand out from the competition

IMPACT - Design Program Includes:

  1. Up to 1 hour creative strategy each month
  2. Print & Online advertisement design
  3. 2 Proofing sessions
  4. File setup for all print advertising
  5. In-store art files
    1. 11x17 Poster
    2. 8x10 Counter-top graphic
    3. 4x6 Counter-top graphic
    4. Floor Graphic
  6. Submission to all Magazines
  7. Up to 4 Social Media Cover Images (FB, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Other)

So, what does this amazing program cost?  Less than you think. Contact us for the details...

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