Success Starts With A Plan

Success Starts With A Plan


Why do businesses spend more money on direct mail than on any other marketing delivery method? Quite simply, because it works.

Direct mail marketing yields tangible results. It is flexible, it can fit into virtually any budget, and it offers more control over who receives your message than any other form of marketing. One day you will be able purchase sortable mailing lists of marijuana users but until that time you have to collect this data and make sure you have sortable database. Demographic targeting will be at the core of any successful direct marketing effort.

The reality is that direct mail remains one of the most cost effective, efficient and easiest ways to expand market share. However, success in any direct marketing venture requires careful planning and preparation. In fact, planning is at the very core of the direct mail process. Without it, a business risks wasting valuable resources, missing important opportunities and losing substantial revenue — in other words, dismal results that no company can tolerate in today’s challenging economy.

Any credible direct mail plan addresses the proverbial who, what, where why and when. Who is your customer? What is the service or product you are promoting? Why should a customer choose your offering? Where should you be concentrating your efforts? And, when, or how frequently should you solicit your targeted audience?

In the cannabis industry specifically, we know the Who (people who smoke), we know the What (we sell cannabis products in all forms), we know the Where (your location) but the Why & When are the areas that need to be developed for your business.  Why you and not the other multitude of options?  When or how often do you want the customers to come back again?


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